Growth Strategy

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A strategic consulting approach that focuses on identifying what will help our client's business grow and developing solutions across product innovation and the customer journey to realise that potential. It identifies key growth levers and barriers and exposes opportunities across the path to purchase, from awareness and engagement, to conversion and sales. This is a data-driven approach where we combine market, business and customer data alongside senior stakeholder interviews to really get under the skin of the business.

Step 1


Identify the biggest growth opportunities

Step 2


Framing our audience and targeting strategy

Step 3


Optimise growth moving forward


To identify the biggest growth opportunities, we review a) existing growth strategy, exploring accelerators and barriers to growth b) existing positioning, exploring new and evolved positionings, c) the customer journey, exposing any weak links.


Once we've identified the biggest growth drivers we start framing audience and targeting strategy, (identifying highest value customers), brand architecture, and define the role for communications by audience and channel.


We create a precise and action oriented growth plan. Its purpose is to align all marketing activity with the key growth drivers of the business, and to establish a clear measurement model to optimise growth moving forward.

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