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China is surprisingly one of the largest markets in the world for buying YouTube services and media, however the majority of Chinese companies simply use the same domestic video assets to advertise on YouTube globally.


Obviously this is quite ineffective. YouTube academy is a service to help bring Chinese brands authentically to the world by offering creative video solutions.

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This film was created to raise awareness of YouTube academy by telling the universal story faced by every Chinese person who has ever immigrated to another country. Alienated and ignored, our young Chinese boy feels lonely and sad at his new school, and he decides that the root of his problem lies in the fact that his lunch looks so different to everyone else’s.

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So he pines for a regular lunch like the others with sandwiches and chips because he thinks that will make him fit in. It’s then that his mum gives him a surprising solution that means he doesn’t need to give up his identity and tells his story to the other kids in a charming and entertaining way.

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