Mentos Wifi

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Facilitating real-life face-to-face interactions between strangers

BBH China created ‘Mentos WiFi’, a social experiment to facilitate real-life face-to-face interactions between strangers. The experiment was facilitated in a café in Kuala Lumpur and filmed by hidden cameras.

Strangers in the café were asked to perform a task with other café guests, in order to get free wifi – access. The touching and funny result reaffirmed Mentos point of view that we all should connect with real people in real life – and that Mentos can help you to spark a fresh connection.

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The experiment is the latest in a series of social executions created by BBH for the confectionary brand.

BBH China senior producer Weisian Lee said “The success of the Mentos social media strategy lies in the fact we are exploring what makes us human and our basic need to connect in a world dominated by technology.

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