The Vodka With Nothing To Hide

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Absolut employees bare all to show it really is 'The Vodka with Nothing to Hide'

Our latest brand film for Absolut leads the way for transparency in the most revealing way possible. From each seed to every bottle, Absolut’s journey is laid bare for all to see – viewer discretion advised!

The brand’s latest film was made at its distillery in Ahus, Sweden, and features 28 real-life staff, all in the nude (with the rude parts blurred out, naturally), as well as actors. Shot in the style of a typical employee induction video, it features the earnest Gunnar (played by an actor), who talks us through ingredients, quality control, employee culture and the production process, all while stark naked and accompanied by colleagues in the buff.

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“When we first discovered how Absolut make their vodka, we were immediately taken by how proud they were of their process. From the wheat they grow to the recycled glass for their bottles, it is uniquely transparent at every stage. We wanted to celebrate that openness, in a way that felt true to their Swedish identity, so we figured the best way to show that you are ‘The Vodka with Nothing To Hide’ would be to take all your kit off and stand in a field and talk about it.”

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