Brand & Digital Platform Design

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Trusted Experts on Cancer Prevention, Treatment, and Survivorship

Survivornet’s mission is to disrupt the medical industry by improving how patients access cancer-related information.

With expertise in branding, user experience design, and platform visual design, BBH partnered with SurvivorNet to create and launch the SurvivorNet brand and platform – designed to help democratize access to the world’s leading cancer doctors and to provide comprehensive, reliable information to patients, and caregivers.

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The goal was to create a brand that combats the cold, overwhelming, and complex experience of researching cancer-related information. Through logo design, fonts, color palettes, and content illustrations – BBH designed a warm, welcoming and reliable brand.


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Our visual language featured illustrations to be more approachable and relatable to our audience, while having a functional aspect, including introducing topics, navigation menu, or illustrate information.

Video Kit

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SurvivorNet collaborated with leading physicians and researchers at top institutions including the National Cancer Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering, Harvard and more to produce premium video content. 

We design a system that applied our brand visual language to SurvivorNet’s video content across the site, including titles, description, data visualization, and illustrations.

We delivered a video tool kit, ownable to the brand, and designed to be flexible and accommodate SurvivorNet’s video production roadmap.




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We mapped SurvivorNet’s content (including future content streams) and created a site experience that felt natural to a patient’s or caregiver’s discovery process – providing features that empower them to take action on their health situation.

Visual UI

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