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Retirement is not a finish line. It’s the start of the next great chapter in your life. These real-life portraits tell three unique stories about people who are re-shaping their lives around their passions. They are the social component of the fully integrated “Pursuing Passions” campaign that Brighthouse Financial kicked off in April. The films will be featured on the Brighthouse Financial social media channels along with a campaign landing page on


“These new films celebrate individuals who demonstrate that retirement is not a finish line; but rather a time to concentrate on lifelong passions with renewed purpose – whether that passion is sustainable farming, rock climbing, family or travel,” said Matt Quale, chief marketing officer of Brighthouse Financial. “Shield annuities from Brighthouse Financial can help people focus less on market volatility, and focus more on their chosen pursuits in the next phase of their lives.”

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The 90-second films include ‘The Artist’, which features Matt, who is from Cleveland and used to own a roofing company. Now he’s working as an abstract impressionist painter. ‘The Farmer’ features Bob, who once ran a commercial nursery and now operates an organic farm in Petaluma, California. ‘The Climber’ features Mari, a former scientist who’s now fully committed to her longtime passion of rock climbing.

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