Hyper Court

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Meet your new coach: a court that trains you, chats with you, every step of the way.

Bridging the gap between will and skill: In the Philippines, Basketball is nothing short of religion. For decades, players have dreamt of raising their game and making it to the NBA. Despite the relentless pursuit, not a single Filipino has actually made it and the Philippines curNike’s ambition was to create a training platform for the youth to get better at the sport that they love.

Nike Hyper Court



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Access to Greatness

Nike took over iconic street courts in Manila and used player data and design to transform the courts to act as your coach. Because no one knows your game better than your court. It sees the hours you put in. The makes and misses. It knows how good you’re getting, and isn’t afraid to kick your ass when you need it.

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A court that trains you, chats with you, every step of the way: Partnering with Google, we created a platform that unlocks exclusive basketball training drills sent directly to your phone that help you train better. Hyper-personalized, these drills are based on the playing styles of the three biggest players in basketball – LeBron James, Kevin Durant, and Kyrie Irving. Powered by Google technology, they all stream in Full-HD and 100% data-free. This provides invaluable training to thousands of Filipino ballers and raises the game on the street.

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Art meets data on court: Illustrated by NYT best-selling artist, Arturo Torres, each of the five courts features a superhero version of a basketball star. Each element of the artwork designed and positioned using actual player data clovers reveal where Kyrie makes 90% of his jump shots. Explosions mark the 5 spots where KD isolates. Lightning bolts show where LeBron leapt for his iconic block. It’s art that trains you to be better at your game.

The Courts

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The end game: On our first 5 Hyper Courts and counting, we’ve had 37,000 ballers train, with 20% of them coming back weekly. With over 40% of our users being female, we are serving a gap in the market as girls don’t get access to basketball training and are truly growing the game. With more Hyper Courts planned across Philippines, Nike doesn’t just want to create the future of training, but train the future.

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