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Turning the city of Bangkok into a real-time running game.

Running in Bangkok is restricted to gyms (no fun).
Or parks, where you’re running in circles (boring).
A shoe that makes running fun needed an innovation that did that.

We turned the city of Bangkok into a real-time running game. The moment you step out of your house, and switch on Bluetooth, it’s game on. Like Mario Bros, but in the real world. The more streets you explore, the more tokens you collect. The more tokens, the more rewards you unlock. We even motivated you to explore more of the city via surprise missions. Making every run a different one.

The Tech: By spreading 200 beacons across Bangkok, we could seamlessly connect all the runners. Working with LINE (Thailand’s biggest messaging-app), we built an integrated platform inside their chat messenger. Which meant, anyone and everyone could play.

Results: 15632 runners, 35,380 km run, 3,362,021 tokens collected in 15 days.



Changing running behaviour, one mission at a time. An intelligent back-end system allowed us to study running patterns of the players. Pushing them beyond their usual route to explore different parts of the city at different times of the day/night via missions

No app downloads. Lace up, game on. We didn’t want our tech to interfere with existing running behaviour. So we built the entire game inside Line’s chat messenger. Just step of your house, switch on your Bluetooth and your phone would automatically collect the tokens.

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