Human Catalogue

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Is it humanly possible to memorise an entire IKEA catalogue?

How do we create excitement about a catalogue that silently arrives in your mailbox once every year?

We got Yanjaa, a world memory champion to memorise the entire IKEA Catalogue. This made the world interact with the catalogue in a whole new way. Everyone wanted to meet her, test her, pick up the catalogue and memorise some of the pages for themselves. On 6th Sep 2017, she was tested in front of thousands of screens on Facebook LIVE. Her story became our PR vehicle on the back of which, we made the catalogue famous.

The build-it-yourself furniture gods are most certainly smiling.
This is amazing.
You really have to see it to believe it


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Cannes Lion

In a world where technology is impacting every industry exponentially, making many traditional mediums irrelevant, we used an unforgettable human story to make the catalogue relevant in 2018.

This made headlines in 124 countries reaching over 73 million people. Earned media exceeded 5.7 million dollars giving the campaign an ROI of 1:18. But most importantly, it made a lot more people in the world pick up the catalogue and read it once again.

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To prove to the world, she’s the real deal, we put the IKEA Human Catalogue in front of a LIVE audience on Facebook so user could both watch, and test her live.

Facebook Live Test

Mike King, IKEA South East Asia Retail Director added, “The iconic IKEA Catalogue is something we are very proud of. Each year we celebrate its launch as we believe it is the go-to home furnishing inspiration for many people and it has been that way for years. This year we are very proud of the fun we are having with BBH and Yanjaa, further strengthening the link between people and home furnishings.”

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