Digital Brand Design System

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How do you design a comprehensive digital ecosystem to support 30 Marriott Brands?

As Marriott’s strategy, design and technology partner we were uniquely positioned to take on an exercise of this scale and scope.

The goal was to create a flexible framework that would help brand leaders launch and update digital initiatives faster and more efficiently without diminishing the most distinctive aspects of the individual brand’s personality.

Faster Time to Market
11 Sites Relaunched in Under 8 Months

Building the component library

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To build an ecosystem that would support a wide variety of brands and appeal to an even wider user base, it was imperative to have a full understanding of the consumer journey, consumer pain points, what made each brand distinct, and what the brands had in common.

In order to do so, we interviewed key stakeholders at Marriott. We audited the functionality and content needs for all brands. We also studied industry trends. And we researched consumer behaviors and pain points to identify key opportunities to optimized the guest journey.

Based on that knowledge we built a generic and brandless component library that would answer all the needs from the users and the brands while facilitating the wireframing phases and accelerating the approval process.

Visual Ecosystem

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The components are built with styling flexibility in mind to let the brands express their identity through design as Marriott offer spans across really distinctive brands from the luxurious Ritz-Carlton to the hip and bold W-Hotels or the business traveler focused AC Hotels.

Also working as the Development partner, BBH relaunched all 11 of Marriott’s legacy Starwood brands using this design system. This new approach reduced the production timeline to only 8 months.

Branding g

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