Always a Regular

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Maîtres, a brand new food-tech startup partnered with BBH to build and launch an ‘Uber for dining out’.

Great dining is about fantastic food and even better company. It is moments shared, flavours experienced and forgetting about the everyday stress. It should not be about making reservations or reviewing allergies and preferences.

This is Why We Created Maîtres.

And it’s certainly not about splitting bills and calculating the tip. Every dining experience should be that of the regular that always skips the line ahead of you.

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  • Find a restaurant to eat at tonight, based on your location or your taste.
  • Speak directly to the head waiter, through a chat-interface, and book the best seats in the house.
  • The waiter knows you and your preferences. No need to on-board the waiter from your part.
  • Whenever you want to leave, just do it. Payments and bills will sort themselves out, even the ones you want to split.
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6 months after Maîtres launched, the service had generated

  • 1000+ customers dining with the service, monthly
  • 1200 SEK monthly average customer spending
  • 22 restaurants connected

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