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Making the American Dream come true

Migration. The mixing of diverse cultures and experiences. This is the foundation that the United States of America is built upon. The land of opportunity. For everyone. It’s also the foundation of Rebtel. Rebtel is one of the world’s fastest growing telecom operators.

Average weekly earnings per top tier activists
3555 Jobs created and counting
New organic activists signing-on weekly


Lovie Awards


They believe that diversity is a catalyst for innovation. At the heart of Rebtel’s customer base are the thousands of ambitious migrants that come to the United States every year looking for a better life. The American Dream. Unfortunately, these people often get stuck in low-paying jobs that don’t give them the means to perform to their full potential.

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BBH helped Rebtel to innovate and develop the Activist program. Activists is a program that taps into the pool of thousands of Rebtel customers and turns super users into star sales people. Giving them proper training and actual jobs.

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We went the whole nine yards by building a suite of services to maximise each Activist’s potential. An ecosystem of services such as sales tools, training material, CRM and colleague network.


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At the heart of the program is their mobile office which enables them to take their business with them wherever they go. With the Activists program, not only are Rebtel providing opportunities for people who need and deserve it the most, we also launched a rapidly growing sales channel.

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Rebtel has so far recruited thousands of Activists, who are earning tens of thousands of dollars in salaries and generating millions in revenue for the company. Everybody wins – that’s the true black sheep way.