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“The Web is what you make of it.”

World over, the way people used the web was rapidly changing. People no longer just moved from page to page, interacting with content; they actually used the web to change their world and the world around them.

Thus was born BBH’s global brand idea: “The Web is What You Make of It.”

The global idea celebrated ‘doers’. It told stories that celebrated web heroes and captured the hearts and minds of many people across the world. We needed to land the idea that the web is a platform for doing, rather than viewing and make this global idea relevant for mass India.

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We had to find the right context for this idea and amplify it with loveable, memorable communication. Our identity as Indians had always been rooted in ‘where we come from’. However, over the past few years it had become more about ‘where we are going’ or ‘what one is doing’.

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Technology had played a central role in this shift and we wanted to tell real stories of real people who have used the internet to change their lives, and the lives of those around them, through Chrome.

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We hunted for the most appealing stories and the story of a Tanjore artist who saved a dying art by using the internet and Google Adwords won our heart. In this award-winning execution, we married the art of telling a story through only the browser to the rich texture of tanjore art.

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