Justice 4 Grenfell

3 Billboards Outside Grenfell Tower, London

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Activism to keep Grenfell in the national conscience

3 Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri is a film about a crime that is ignored. At the center of the story is the power of 3 billboards to force people’s attention back onto this crime, in the hope that one-day justice will be served. At the time the idea was conceived and executed, the film had won 6 Golden Globes and was nominated for 9 Baftas and 8 Oscars. Our idea was very simple, to hijack the media attention being given to this film with our own 3 Billboards Outside Grenfell Tower, London.


For maximum exposure, we rented three vans to carry these billboards, designed to look just like those in the film, through central London. Starting at the Houses of Parliament the billboards passed many of London’s iconic landmarks before parking directly in front of the burnt out remains of the Grenfell Tower.

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Spokespeople for Justice4Grenfell made their case to the nation as news crews arrived in droves to interview them in front of these 3 billboards. The story appeared that night on prime time BBC news and was the most read story on BBC.com. Within 12 hours, 140 global news publications had run the story.

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A £5,000 campaign generated 6.5 billion impressions, an equivalent media value of £91 million. 150,000+ petition signatures has forced the government to debate the issue in the Houses of Parliament on 14th May 2018.

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