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The London Office

Based in the heart of Soho, BBH London is a vibrant hub of creativity, where the Black Sheep was first born. Today we are home to over 400 BBHers across our different specialisms, all connected by one culture.

There is no "one size fits all" at BBH. We believe in the power of difference to make a difference. If you surprise people, then they’ll sit up. If you speak a different language to everyone else, then they’ll listen. If you craft your message with love and originality, then that message will land harder. If you give people something useful that makes their lives a little bit better, then they’ll thank you. Everything we do is born out of the pursuit of difference. We fill our building with people who are different. We like to work with people who are different.

Our enduring commitment to difference is best embodied by The Black Sheep. It represents our businesses, our culture, and the people who work here.

The Summary

“Our objective is effectiveness. Our strategy is creativity” – John Bartle

We’re looking for an experienced Strategy Director to join the Tesco team. Ideally we’re looking for someone with shopper and retail experience alongside traditional broadcast marketing skills.They should be adept at working at pace collaboratively with the account team, clients and other agencies. They must be educated to degree level. BBH prides itself on the rigour and creativity of its strategy team and so the candidate must be able to display case studies where they have proven the effectiveness of their work and the cultural impact of the creative. The role will be reporting into our Group Strategy Director and helping them manage a team of diverse strategists and analysts. Salary is competitive.

Applications Open: Friday 19th July, 2019 – Sunday 18th August, 2019.

Description of the Role

Strategy Directors apply imagination to a precise, data-based understanding of a brand’s performance and how people are feeling in order to maximize the return of a client’s marketing investment.

As BBH is a premium brand, we must return a premium. Therefore Strategy Directors must make a difference above and beyond the competition.

To do this Strategy Directors act as bridges between two worlds: commerce and creativity. They must speak the languages of these two worlds with extreme fluency and be able to translate between the two.

Strategy Directors must bring both Intelligence and Magic to work. It is a job requirement to be sharp, obviously. But it is also a job requirement to be interesting. Everything is relevant. Being a Strategy Director is an excuse to be a more fascinating person. So, like the dormouse said, feed your head.

We are the architects of the marketing machine but also must animate it with creativity and feeling to return value to our clients.

Our ambition is to have the most inspiring, positive and authoritative strategy team in the world, with mastery over an unrivaled collective skillset – and this all led by the Strategist Directors.

To do that we believe you should be black belts in the following mindset, general skills and specific skills:


Excellence – You aim to be the best at what you do.

  • Black Sheep – You favour the unorthodox, are highly independent-minded and bring a maverick quality to working because outcomes are all that matter.
  • You, amplified – You bring your amplified self to have your own distinct style of strategy.
  • Collaborative – You play the orchestra, collaborating with everyone from the creative teams to the connected specialisms but holding the plan together.
  • Risky – You push to take bold leaps, even if that means you make mistakes along the way.
  • Restless – You are fast learning, adaptable to change and always challenging the status quo.
  • Hungry – You are voraciously curious and never stop feeding your mind.
  • Generous – You are giving of your energy and ideas to continuously improve the work without your ego in the mix.

General Skills

Breadth of competency – You have a broad and deep knowledge of marketing and creativity and understand and can draw from different specialisms. You must be able to see the whole picture and connect it up. You have mastery in key areas.

  • Authority and Leadership – You can decide on a direction and rally others behind it.
  • Autonomy – You can lead the strategy on a piece of business with limited input from others.
  • Partnership – You can create trust and momentum with clients and internal teams alike.
  • Transformation – You can provoke, challenge, move on, foresee and promote change vs. just be “correct” – to be genuinely creative and innovative in your strategies and make bigger differences.
  • Selling and storytelling – You are highly persuasive and emotive in your storytelling and selling.
  • Management skills – You can manage and develop whoever works into you and push the standard.
  • Thought leadership – You help codify and spread BBH’s point of view on strategy and brands, through writing, public speaking and influence.

Specific Skills

Business – you understand commerce, can read a balance sheet and find the source of growth.

  • Marketing – you have a deep evidence-based knowledge of how marketing and creativity works.
  • Brand – you deeply understand how brands work and have unparalleled knowledge of your clients’.
  • People and culture – you understand how to understand people, culture and markets.
  • Data and insight – you are highly numerate, analytical and can interpret any research wisely.
  • Creative strategy – you bring insight and imagination to create market-beating work.
  • Engagement – you understand and design the most effective mix of channels to reach people.
  • Effectiveness – you can prove the difference your work makes.
  • Retail – You have experience and expertise working on a retail marketing business and have the skill to write strategy at speed.
  • Channel – you have experience and expertise working at both Shopper and Brand-led agencies and can orchestrate strategy that delivers thinking across channel effectively.
  • Category – you have experience and expertise in understanding the grocery shopper and can write strategy that proves a direct response to tactical sales.

Specific Skills, in detail


  • You are responsible for link between commerce and creativity.
  • You always start with the money. You have a deep knowledge of business, including being able to judge your client’s risk profile, read their balance sheet, analyse their sales data and that of the market.
  • You are deeply knowledgeable about the fundamentals of businesses, marketing and brands. You understand not just how your client’s business operates, how it grows, what its drivers, barriers, opportunities and threats look like but how creativity can impact these.
  • You ensure through the entire process that the idea and its execution remain true to the commercial objective as identified.
  • You have a transformational point of view on creative business problem-solving, with the ability to open up questions, and suggest different types of answers, pushing for different types of creative outputs.
  • You have a rich and deep knowledge of your clients brands – their history, their positioning, their products, their distribution, their marketing and their pricing structure.
  • You lead the performance agenda with the client, ensuring there is a shared understanding of the need to put commercial performance at the heart of every project.
  • You help position the agency against the most upstream projects, ensuring that our credibility is recognised beyond advertising, actively seeking opportunities to broaden our scope.
  • You set the long term strategic direction for the client’s business: lead the agenda, ensure BBH stays on the front foot and always champions the best and brightest thinking, challenging the status quo when necessary.
  • You know how to frame marketing as an investment, not a cost and can model this


  • You champion how people are feeling as fuel for creativity and performance.
  • You understand the essentials of modern neuroscience and psychology, including the different systems involved and how this impacts marketing.
  • You are sensitive to people and the currents in culture and seek to continuous feed.
  • You understand the cultural context within which the brand operates, with a rich understanding of people and culture.
  • You can use individual and cultural insight to help position the brand at the point of change – ensuring that strategies are rooted in an understanding of the role the brand could play in people’s lives or culture, and understanding not just where culture is but also where it is going.


  • You champion a precise yet wise data-based understanding of everything.
  • Overall you use data to more deeply understand businesses, brands, people and culture.
  • You have the ability to unlock creative and commercial insights through data analysis.
  • You understand how quantitative and qualitative research works to reveal this insight and can work closely with the data team to design and execute high quality research.
  • You can conduct desk research, together with Research and Data teams, and put together an informed point of view on a brand, consumer group, category, market, or area of culture.
  • You are able to hold a debate if necessary regarding methodology, findings or recommendations, and help make sure research is conducted in the interest of performance and creativity.
  • You bring wisdom to numbers, going beyond the surface and looking to get to the truth of things.
  • You champion the role of insight and data within clients’ organisation, makes the case for greater access and usage of data and tools across projects and briefs.
  • You can present complex data with simplicity and flair.
  • You actively hunt out and share new tools and technologies to understand people and culture.
  • You understand how data can be used to sharpen and validate creativity.
  • You understand how data can be used to sell creativity.


  • You apply imagination to the above understanding to pick a powerful path of action and raise the bar for the quality, breadth and progressiveness of the work we sell in.
  • You are able to answer the business challenge with work rich in feeling that will strike a chord.
  • You understand that at this point that BBH value comes into its own, being able to find the beat from research, make sense of it and connect this feeling to business tasks to unlock growth.
  • You can mix different data sources, judge the good and the bad and use your intuition to define the right commercial/consumer/brand data launchpad to work off.
  • You can make ‘the leap’ into the original and unseen, setting out a compelling vision for where to go, ultimately finding compelling and different angles that can inspire creativity.
  • You can use data to sharpen and validate hunches around your creative strategy and make it more sellable.
  • You can tell the story from data into a new vision of the future for your brand.
  • You understand the different types of creative strategy appropriate for different channels and tasks, including marketing strategy, brand strategy, comms model strategy, campaign strategy and tactical strategy.
  • You create inspiring and simple briefs and briefings.
  • You stay close to the creativity to make sure it is both right and great.
  • You fuel the creative process continuously because you understand creativity comes from introducing ideas that haven’t met yet and making unusual connections.
  • You are able to prepare, run and act on a RIG, going beyond brainstorm techniques that don’t work and instead building on individual work as a group to find the heat.
  • You build good relationships with creative teams, able to provide upstream inspiration, collaborate and build on ideas further down.
  • You are a good judge of creative work, able to judge (with an open mind) whether work is on brief and give clear and constructive feedback to teams.
  • You partner with CD to provide active creative direction, agree strategic and creative ambitions for briefs.
  • You are able to transform creative vision and ambitions if needed, challenge CD and account team to think differently about the kind of solutions the account might require, open up briefs to different and new types of solutions.
  • You partner with a BL to ensure client buy in on creative ambition, to make the case for new and different creativity and sell great work.
  • You partner with BL and CD to make ultimate decision on the work, ultimately responsible for ensuring that we sell work that is both commercially successful and creatively rewarding.


  • You champion the best way for a brand to engage with people for the best results.
  • You have an exhaustive understanding of what different channels, platforms, and devices can deliver – in terms of experience, audience, scale and value to a brand and business, how these are changing – and how to use these most effectively.
  • You are able to build engagement plans that coordinate large amounts of activity into concerted wholes, including extending these beyond communications to view the entire brand experience.
  • You can skillfully manage the media agency relationship to create the most value for clients and BBH.
  • You can build on ideas and help them connect better with desired behaviour change, consumers and culture.
  • You champion the most progressive approach to engagement.
  • You front engagement-based debate and conversations with client and partner agencies (media, social, digital specialist).
  • You actively promotes new and interesting types of engagement strategies and creative outputs, convincing clients and inspiring creatives to think differently and innovatively about comms model and architecture.
  • You understand the essentials of user experience design, including personas, wireframes, user journeys and rapid prototyping, and can connect with the BBH X team.
  • You understand the essentials of direct marketing and can connect with the BBH Direct team.
  • You understand the essentials of social media marketing and can connect with the BBH Live team.


  • You can prove the difference work is making, commercially or behaviourally, beyond doubt
  • You understand how to assess the relationship between creativity and performance.
  • You understand what the media, attitude, behaviour and commercial goals are and how to KPI them.
  • You understand how to measure metrics and call upon stakeholders to set these up.
  • You can isolate the effects of activity, through econometric partners.
  • You can analyse and report on these and crucially how to feed them back to optimise future creativity.
  • You can crunch all this into punchy, honest summaries for Zag Reports.
  • You can write up these results into awards papers that furthers BBH reputation for effectiveness excellence.



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