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The Shanghai Office

BBH opened its Shanghai office in 2006 with eight people, and has managed to stay lean ever since. Now with 85 people and 23 brands, BBH Shanghai is still one of the smallest ‘big international’ shops in China. The agency maintains a relatively small footprint in order to nurture a consistently intimate culture. We believe that true creativity flourishes in an environment of trust, collaboration and constant improvement.

We also believe in our responsibility to help raise the world’s expectation of Chinese-born creativity. That’s why BBH Shanghai has built its Client roster to allow 60% of its creative work to be regional or global in reach.

We are also proud to say that the senior leadership team has stayed together since the office’s opening. The stability that comes with it is a key factor in building trust with clients in China, where things change at the speed of light.

The Summary

Shanghai office is now hiring an adventurous Senior Writer/ ACD to join our Creative team.
You will have chance work on global & local accounts. You can work independently & also enjoy working in group.
You are responsible for creative ideation, copywriting, direction and campaign execution that are held to timelines and budgets

When the world zigs, zag.

Skill / Experience Required

– passion about idea & copy crafting

– strong conceptual skills and a solid knowledge of both traditional & digital landscape

– possess a proven track record of effective & interesting work

– excellent presentation & client-facing skill

– 5+ year experience

– interested in China/ APAC market & culture, work experience in Asia will be bonus.

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