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The London Office

Based in the heart of Soho, BBH London is a vibrant hub of creativity, where the Black Sheep was first born. Today we are home to over 400 BBHers across our different specialisms, all connected by one culture.

There is no "one size fits all" at BBH. We believe in the power of difference to make a difference. If you surprise people, then they’ll sit up. If you speak a different language to everyone else, then they’ll listen. If you craft your message with love and originality, then that message will land harder. If you give people something useful that makes their lives a little bit better, then they’ll thank you. Everything we do is born out of the pursuit of difference. We fill our building with people who are different. We like to work with people who are different.

Our enduring commitment to difference is best embodied by The Black Sheep. It represents our businesses, our culture, and the people who work here.

The Summary

The Office Services Assistant is responsible for the general services at 60 Kingly Street. This includes the delivering of the post, covering the printing facility, general maintenance, setting up of meeting rooms, office moves, booking taxis and couriers and other general duties.  

Areas of accountability:

  • Post in & Out.
  • Setting up meeting rooms.
  • Printing and stationary.
  • Cabs and Bikes.
  • Couriers.
  • Internal Moves.
  • Event management.

Key Responsibilities

Knowledge & Technical Skills

To possess a thorough and up-to-date operational knowledge of:

  • E-mail system and general company software.
  • Various electronic bike and cab booking systems.
  • Courier booking systems.

Purchasing & Cost Management

To be responsible for the purchase of:

  • Cabs and bikes.
  • National and international couriers.

To ensure efficient service and supply standards are maintained by suppliers.

To ensure the most cost effective methods are used when booking taxi’s and couriers.

‘Customer’ Service

To effectively help in the flow of requests/enquiries coming into the office services department and ensure all tasks are dealt with in the quickest and most efficient manner.

To ensure that those whose requests cannot be dealt with immediately are kept informed of timing and progress.

To project a ‘can-do’ attitude on behalf of yourself and Office Services; to regard all BBH employees as ‘customers’ and consistently offer the highest possible standards of customer care and service with a swift response time to all queries

Health & Safety

To look out for and report any potential Health and safety issues/Hazards whilst around the building to the office services manager.  

To ensure that you always operate in a manner that does not endanger yourself or others.

People & Relationship

To develop equally consistent and successful working relationships with:

  • Other members of the Office Services team.
  • BBH employees across every department and discipline.
  • External suppliers.

To work as part of a team, always.

To be regarded by everybody as a pleasure to work with.

To represent the voice of calm/reason/logic when all around are panicking.


Utterly unknockable and reliable. Resilience, positivity, inventiveness, drive, charisma, willing to roll your sleeves up and get the job done. Having a ‘hands on’ attitude

Skills / Experience Required


Resilience, positivity, inventiveness, drive, charisma, hardworking, energetic.



  • Relationship skills – the ability to develop internal and external trusted relationships.
  • Financial skills – to be able to manage costs, deliver against a budget.
  • Entrepreneurial – a self starter, who is innovative in their approach to problem solving and wants to get things done.
  • Safe pair of hands – utterly unknockable and reliable, good organisational skills.



  • An overall understanding of agency process.

General Duties

  • Delivering of mail internal and external mail faxes etc.
  • Arranging couriers.
  • Collection and distribution of all deliveries.
  • Desk moves and changes.
  • Meeting room changes and requirements.
  • Booking of cabs and bikes.
  • Archiving of documents.
  • General Maintenance.



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