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The Los Angeles Office

BBH LA was created to sit at the heart of entertainment, technology and really nice weather. Our team is made up of people who are good and nice, but most importantly hungry. Our work is focused on the belief that people will do anything to avoid advertising, but people will seek out and even pay to access great content. So we create all our work with that in mind. We exist to solve marketing missions famously.

Above all, we believe in the power of difference to make a difference. That means reinventing and re-establishing cultural norms to tell new, exciting and entertaining brand stories to shift the pop culture narratives. When the world zigs, we zag.

We also like nice people.

The Summary

BBH LA is seeking a high-performing, highly motivated and experienced Finance & Operations Director. The ideal candidate will lead finance, legal, and operational needs across all disciplines for the agency. A key leader in the office, the Finance & Operations Director will be a constant presence who can keep the team calm, focused and accountable for client & agency business success.

Key Responsibilities


• Work with the CEO on the growth strategy for LA, be a true partner to the leadership team.
• Oversee all client remuneration including negotiations, give support to the BD’s on the day to day fee / pricing asks including on existing and new business pitches.
• Drive through pricing models with clients, look for new ways to structure remuneration deals (e.g. entertainment IP, revenue share).
• Build relationships with client procurement.
• Train the BBH LA business leads on negotiating new lucrative revenue models.
• Freelance Cost management, working closely with the ECD & Talent Director.
• Guide HR & department heads on talent remuneration including freelancer day rates.
• Oversee Purchase Order and Expense report approvals for LA team.
• Manage junior finance talent, guide and mentor on systems, process & career growth.
• Revenue analysis and forecasting, including variance analysis for Publicis Groupe
• Work seamlessly with the BBH NY and Group Finance teams.


• Lead all on all NDAs, MSAs for both advertising and entertainment asks with in-house counsel.
• Oversee legal requirements for all creative product to be vetted, ensure agency team is regularly trained.
• Be across high level Business Affairs asks including SAG related matters.
• Have a top line understanding of California employment law, run point with legal on any contractual queries (e.g. employees working on personal projects outside working hours).
• Be first line of defense for any legal claims.


• Oversee the Office Manager on smooth running of the building (e.g. landlord management, lease negotiations, supplier selection & management, refurb requirements, seating plans).
• Run point with Publicis Resources on IT needs.
• Oversee HR & trouble shoot on payroll, benefits, manage relocation packages, recruitment fees.


At least 8 years applicable experience.
• Proficiency in MS Office with very strong excel skills.
• Excellent oral and written communication skills.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively work with finance and non-financial people alike.
• Ability to effectively manage workload, prioritize and streamline tasks to ensure accuracy and, take “ownership-mentality” in work.
• Strong ability to anticipate problems, analyze situations and proactively come up with solutions, or reach out for assistance when needed, in a timely basis.



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