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The New York Office

BBH New York’s office in Tribeca boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the city. It is home to more than 125 BBHers across various disciplines. The NY team is proud to partner with such prestigious clients as Sony PlayStation, Netflix, Marriott, Planned Parenthood, and Seamless.

Our enduring commitment to difference is best embodied by The Black Sheep. It represents our businesses, our culture, and the people who work here.

The Summary

When the world zigs, ZAG.

This was the line on our first Levis ad for black jeans in the ‘80s. The image was of a herd of white sheep, with one black sheep defiantly facing the other direction. It is this spirit that we take into everything we do. Through creative ideas, we help brands decisively create difference in order to maximize their potential. Good creative ideas come from anywhere. We were founded by an account man, a strategist and a creative – a collaborative, interdisciplinary team that could get to the most magic, intelligent and effective ideas – only with their powers combined. Today, we work fearlessly in collaboration to make the best work possible.

The Brand Strategist Role

If strategy is the first frontier of creativity, then the brand strategist is the first frontier of strategy. It is your responsibility to uncover the most valuable data and insights – the raw material from which all great strategies are created – and help to shape it into leading strategic and creative work that ripples across the globe.

You are the restless, curious, thoughtful, diligent foundation to everything we do. You are confident but unafraid to ask for help or know you don’t know. You actively pursue knowledge of the trends, technology, and media platforms relevant to people in the world today and in our industry. You are a problem solver, bringing optimism and new solutions to even the toughest of situations. You collaborate and shape the strategic process with your Strategy Director – there is no limit to what you can contribute to get to the best work.

You find meaning in this job, you want to make the best work of your career, and can contribute to a fun, positive, ambitious culture.

Key Responsibilities

Take responsibility for research and data, turn data into insights and insights into compelling, different creative strategy and briefs across media.

  • Develop your ‘planning style’
  • Deepen understanding of your own strategic discipline and others: Comms strategy and experience strategy.
  • Collaborate and inspire across all agency disciplines: Creative, Account, Production, etc.
  • Establish client relationships at your level day to day and through compelling presentations
  • Come up with original ideas or ways to do things that work that are exciting and effective

Market Understanding

Develop strong, simple and relevant market insights

Client’s Business

Know clients’ KPIs and how to apply them to our work. Track data monthly with client partners

Consumer and Category Understanding

Strengthen analysis and insight generation. Know client’s segmentation groups/studies. o Share insights in an inspiring, ongoing way: consumer, competitive and category


Manage research projects; know methods, write and present proposals, write discussion guides, create stimulus, write analysis and implications, present back to team and clients. Moderate for agency when possible ex: pitches

Integrated Campaigns

Understand the process and input required to develop integrated campaigns. Know the best practice for collaboration across different disciplines (within the agency and with partner agencies).

Writing Briefs

Learn how to write simple, differentiated, emotional strategy that solves our clients business problems and leads to outstanding creative work. Contribute to inspiring creative briefing workshops. Build and maintain the trust of creatives.

Creative Development

Checking in with + inspiring teams with valuable insights throughout process. Develop sound

judgement of creative. Contribute to thoughts of how creative work can be expanded.


Draft and have a view on KPIs for communications activity. Understand tracking, and the pros and cons of different methods of tracking. Start to learn the importance of linking activity with performance e.g. media to sales, and ROI e.g. Econometric modeling.

Meeting Participations and Presentation

Contribute to the agenda of the meeting, prepare what you’d like to contribute before the meeting, build meaningful insights into conversation, build confidence and style, present to clients

Managing yourself and others

Support your Strategy Director and others you work with, Establish and maintain a relationship with client brand manager and strategists in partner agencies like Media. Start to manage processes – research projects, inter-agency teams. Communicate clearly what you will do and what you have done, to what effect – to your direct report and others when it will make your efforts and outcomes clear.


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