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Build Your Volvo

Volvo has a clear point of view, and that is that the car experience should be “designed around you”. In their world you are human first, driver second. Form doesn’t follow function. Function follows human. It was with this in mind that Monterosa took on the assignment of redesigning Volvo’s online car configurator.

Car configurators are a commodity in the car industry. Everyone has one. And since it is as common as an aircond, it should be as easy to use right? Turns out they don’t. Most Car configurators look cool but has a lot of pain points.

So we realised that the best configurator tool in the world was “designed around you” and as unobtrusive as flipping on the wipers.

The result was humble, crisp and to the point, stripped from unnecessary bling, and created with the same premium feel and attention to details as driving the brand new XC90. The user could move seamlessly between the responsive web and the native apps without losing a beat. By sticking to the “designed around you” approach, more people are building more cars, which results in more qualified leads and higher upsells for the car dealerships.