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For 2 weeks in May and June 2014, 15,000+ Thai FOTs (Football Obsessed Teens) had the opportunity to experience what the media described as the most epic football pitch in Thailand – the Nike Barge. Launched just before the football World Cup, the 100-metre barge served as the setting for the finals of the Nike Winner Stays football tournament. In addition to a football pitch, the barge also included a space for people to trial the latest Nike footwear, chill in the Nike FC Player’s Lounge, get a haircut from the Barber Shop, or get inked at the Tattoo Parlour. It also played host to a concert by the Thai rock band Bodyslam. Featuring 20 shipping containers, 6 tons of metal and 5 tons of concrete, this floating behemoth was the largest barge to ever sail down the Chao-Phraya River in the centre of Bangkok.