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Digital Earth Hour

WWF Digital Earth Hour:

In China, WWF Earth Hour had limited awareness. To change this, BBH Shanghai worked with WWF to create a digital experience that would make Chinese audiences more aware of the environmental implications of saving energy.

In order to raise awareness, BBH helped the WWF address a key audience that consistently consumes energy: netizens across China’s most popular online platforms. To reach them, we created a programming code that activated an hour-long blackout on sites such as Renren, QQ, and Youku, only lighting up the portion of the screen where the cursor was placed. Within that lit up space, netizens were encouraged to “Only light up what you need.”

By leveraging China’s most influential digital platforms with a strong call-to-action, the campaign was successful in reaching a massive audience. It gave netizens a chance to become involved in the Earth Hour movement, which sparked serious conversation about energy consumption habits in China.