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Words Of A Journey (YuLu) 2

Following on the heels of Johnnie Walker’s impressive launch of China’s first advertorial documentary campaign, “Words of a Journey” (Yulu), renown director Jia Zhangke returned in collaboration with actor Chen Kun to launch a poignant TVC about self-reflection and the questions we ask ourselves as we face the journey between us and our dreams.

“Words of a Journey” 2.0 was meant to sustain momentum by getting Chinese consumers to ask themselves the necessary questions that would propel them to achieve their ambitions.

Inspired by the TVC and challenged by conversations on Tudou, Youku, Tianya, Netease, and Weibo, audiences where empowered to submit their own questions about their path in life and how to achieve their goals. Johnnie Walker shortlisted these entries and with the help of celebrity mentors, the brand worked with the most ambitious participants so that they could “Keep Walking.” Winners had access to a 10 million RMB intended to support participants as they realised their dreams.

The campaign had a reach of nearly 2 billion internet users and garnered over 200,000 submissions in the first three months of the campaign launch. It made Johnnie Walker the most talked about whiskey brand, while also winning the Diageo Marketing Award Gold.