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Taobao x Uber

Taobao isn’t just a place to get cheap stuff. It’s actually become a mecca for fashion-conscious consumers looking for home-grown designers and fashion houses.

In order to amplify the rich breadth of the platform’s offerings, Taobao zeroed in on an avant-garde range of fashion designers that have found both a home and a hungry audience within Taobao’s digital borders.

Through the story of 5 online influencers, audiences came face-to-face with the campaign’s key message: “Spark the new force” or “新势力”- a poignant call for Taobao aficionados to use the platform to discover a unique sense of fashion that reflects their own sense of individuality.

To further amplify the message, Taobao collaborated with Uber to design a roving bus with a truly unique experience: sampling a range of products from the campaign’s boutique influencers while commuting across the city.