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Lifebuoy CNY Red Packets

To launch Lifebuoy anti-bacterial soap in China, BBH Shanghai took an unconventional approach, and created an experience that incorporated the product into a culturally salient context (a Chinese holiday) and a practical utility in the hands of consumers.

We leveraged Chinese New Year Festival, when parents are concerned with keeping their kids healthy amidst a storm of germ-covered cash gifts via traditional red packets.

We created a red packet of our own, one made of Lifebuoy anti-bacterial soap that not only functioned as an envelope in which to give money, kids could also use our red packet to wash their hands and be germ-free.

Our red packets were distributed at airports and train terminals throughout the country and not only became a timely utility with which to celebrate the New Year, but an experience and utility that drove hand-washing education. Over the Chinese New Year period Lifebuoy’s Red Packet campaign videos received 1.77 million views on Weibo, and over 150,000 reads on WeChat.