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British Airways

British Etiquette

Chinese study abroad students were a common focus for airline social media campaigns, but Chinese people with business interests in the UK were an underserved market with money to spend.

So BBH and British Airways set out to change that. By partnering British Airways with (China’s version of Linkedin) we identified a set of UK-focused passion points that Chinese business people were already actively researching online. We then created a weekly series of films that shared valuable information on these salient topics.

Each piece of content addressed the following topics:
• Doing business with British people & companies
• Sending their children to study in Britain
• Preparing to invest in the British property market
• Playing golf with British people

Each film was followed by a live Q&A where Ushi users submitted questions directly to our British experts featured in the films (Justin Rose for Golf; Keith Williams, British Airways CEO, for business, etc.)