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Sir Nigel Bogle

Founding Partner >

Founding Partner

Sir Nigel founded BBH in 1982 with John Bartle and John Hegarty...
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Sir John Hegarty

Founder. Creative >

Founder. Creative

Sir John Hegarty founded Bartle Bogle Hegarty in 1982 with John Bartle and Nigel Bogle...
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Neil Munn

Global Chief Executive Officer >

Global Chief Executive Officer

Neil joined BBH ten years ago, making the transition from client side to agency...
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Pelle Sjoenell

Worldwide Chief Creative Officer >

Worldwide Chief Creative Officer

Pelle became Worldwide Chief Creative Officer...
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Niall Hadden

Global Chief Talent Officer >

Global Chief Talent Officer

Niall joined BBH in October 2006 as the Global Head of Talent Management...
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Sarah Watson

Global Chief Strategy Officer, BBH NY Chairman >

Global Chief Strategy Officer, BBH NY Chairman

Sarah joined BBH NY as the agency's first-ever CSO in 2011...
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Mike Saunter

Global Chief Finance Officer >

Global Chief Finance Officer

Mike joined BBH in January 2015...
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Anu Shah

Global Corporate Development Director >

Global Corporate Development Director

Anu holds a dual role within BBH...
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Tim Harvey

Global Business Development Director >

Global Business Development Director

Tim is the Global Business Development Director at BBH...
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Isobel Thomas

Global Communications Director >

Global Communications Director