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Abbie Noon

Executive Producer >

Executive Producer

Fake it till you make it.
Abbie Noon

Caitlin Byrnes

Art Producer >

Art Producer

Which is true: A. Dog superfan B. Perfume enthusiast C. Cheese=#1 D. Dedicated thesis to Crystal Castles E. All of the above.
Caitlin Byrnes

Christina Carter

Senior Content Producer >

Senior Content Producer

A Miami native with a Midwest spirit and sincere fascination with tiny objects.
Christina Carter

Jim Schwartz

Video Editor >

Video Editor

A silent guardian. A watchful protector. A dark knight... and a video editor.
Jim Schwartz

Kate Morrison

Head of Production >

Head of Production

Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen.
Kate Morrison

Kelly Bignell-Asedo

UX Director >

UX Director

Good design is beautiful, great design is invisible.
Kelly Bignell-Asedo

Lauren Fertitta

Head of Print Production >

Head of Print Production

A.K.A. The Velvet Hammer. I've managed print projects for everything from high fashion to toe fungus.

Leigh Ann Dykes

Senior Print Producer >

Senior Print Producer

1 part Texarkana 1 part Manhattan Shake and serve over ice with a splash of hot sauce.
Leigh Ann

Rachel Freed

Senior Print Producer >

Senior Print Producer

Making shit happen with a smile, or a snarl - depending on the day!
Rachel Freed

Rebecca O'Neill

Head of Art Production >

Head of Art Production

Rebecca ONeill