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Anthony Romano

Chief Executive Officer >

Chief Executive Officer

Anthony Romano

Sarah Watson

Chairman, Global Chief Strategy Officer >

Chairman, Global Chief Strategy Officer

Sarah Watson

Gerard Caputo

Chief Creative Officer >

Chief Creative Officer

Gerard Caputo

Matthew Anderson

Chief Growth Officer >

Chief Growth Officer

Nikita Malhotra

Chief Financial Officer >

Chief Financial Officer

Nikita Malhotra

Brett Edgar

Head of Account Management >

Head of Account Management

Brett Edgar

Kendra Salvatore

Head of Brand Strategy >

Head of Brand Strategy

Kendra Salvatore

Andy Prondak

Head of Technology >

Head of Technology

Andy Prondak

Darren Himebrook

Head of Operations >

Head of Operations

Laura Stroup

Head of Talent >

Head of Talent

Laura Stroup

Bruno Borges

Head of Design >

Head of Design

Bruno Borges

Matt Bertocchi

Group Director, Experience Strategy & Design >

Group Director, Experience Strategy & Design