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BBH NY Bookshelf

Business Affairs Director

Posted on 9.12.17

The New York Office

BBH New York’s office in Tribeca boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the city. It is home to more than 125 BBH-ers across various disciplines, as well as our friends from DOMANI Studios. The NY team is proud to partner with such prestigious clients as Sony PlayStation, Sharpie, Abbott, Starwood, and Seamless.

Our enduring commitment to difference is best embodied by The Black Sheep. It represents our businesses, our culture and the people who work here.


The BBH Business Affairs Manager will oversee content production, including broadcast and digital projects across clients and the agency network. This individual will be an Agency expert on vendor and talent estimates, negotiations, contracts and rights and clearance in partnership with agency legal counsel as well as the SAG Commercials contract. This person is a team player with an entrepreneurial spirit, a creative mind and an ability work in a fast-paced creative environment.


Compliance and Risk

  • Review creative materials and advise Agency teams on talent, copyright and intellectual property issues and advise on next steps (in tandem with agency legal counsel).
  • Review vendor agreements to ensure compliance with Client SOWs and MSAs in tandem with agency legal counsel.
  • Trademark searches for proposed branding, taglines, signage, etc in tandem with agency legal counsel.
  • Manage intellectual property rights and clearance acquisitions.
  • Negotiate and oversee the creation of celebrity and over scale agreements.
  • Work with Agency legal counsel on issues including contracts, updating releases, contract templates, risk assessment and indemnifications.
  • Work with Risk Strategies insurance team to evaluate production and contract concerns as necessary.


Production and Project Management

  • Review AICP, AICE, animation and music bids with Producer.
  • Review final estimate and caveats with producer prior to submitting to Client for signature.
  • Enter final estimate with notes into Altair, our financial systems, for client signature.
  • Create and issue appropriate award documents including production contract, insurance, licensing and talent agreements and vendor purchase orders.
  • Review and assess scripts, rough-cuts and final creative for risk or clearance concerns in tandem with agency legal counsel.

Talent and Music

  • Participate in project scoping discussions, providing Producers and Client teams with accurate estimates for talent session fees, usage, residuals, and all other talent and music related costs of production.
  • Advise Agency teams and Clients on union rules, regulations and best practices.
  • Issue talent contracts, session reports and final casts. Pay session, holding fees, usage and renegotiations in compliance with SAG/AFTRA/ACTRA and AFofM guidelines.
  • Evaluate and manage union claims, audits or reporting requests.
  • Create and negotiate music vendor agreements.
  • Issue talent agreements and foreign talent contracts.
  • Handle all re-negotiation for talent and music.
  • Negotiate overscale talent.
  • Report talent usage to third party payroll service.


  • Work with Producers to monitor cost actuals through close of job.
  • With BA Assistant, process production invoices, including generating vendor purchase order.
  • Work with internal Finance from pre-bill through project completion.
  • Create AD-IDs for spots.
  • Proactively manage all account transition documentation.


  • 5+ years in Business Affairs role working for an Advertising Agency
  • Must have SAG experience
To apply, you must have eligibility to work in the United States.