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Posted on 4.5.18

The New York Office

BBH New York’s office in Tribeca boasts breathtaking panoramic views of the city. It is home to more than 125 BBH-ers across various disciplines, as well as our friends from DOMANI Studios. The NY team is proud to partner with such prestigious clients as Sony PlayStation, Sharpie, Abbott, Starwood, and Seamless.

Our enduring commitment to difference is best embodied by The Black Sheep. It represents our businesses, our culture and the people who work here.


We’re looking for creatives, thinkers and doers to be part of our summer internship program, BBH Barn. We love mavericks, doers, thinkers, the positive ones, the hungry ones, the ones who get psyched by brands, culture and communication and can work collaboratively.


Please submit your resume, portfolio and anything else that you think will stand you out from the crowd. We are accepting video applications too as that is a good way for us to start to get to know you. Be sure to upload a video application telling us about you. Not what we can read from your resume, but what really makes you a black sheep.


The next generation of the BBH Barn will commence on June 4, 2018 and run until August 3, 2018.
We pay $450/week.
We don’t cover moving, housing, food, or speeding tickets.
Applications will close Friday April 27th, 2018 and we will notify successful applicants shortly thereafter. We may also want to conduct a short online / phone interview.


As an intern of BBH, you have joined an agency that’s vision is to be the finest source of creativity in the world. Every intern in The Barn at BBH New York is selected because of special qualities, talents and skills.


No matter what your tasks, working here is not just about having something to add to your resume. Every intern has the opportunity to make meaningful contributions and each of us plays an important role in advancing our shared mission.


This isn’t your run of the mill ad internship. We’re looking for resourceful types who are curious about everything, comfortable doing stuff every day that they haven’t done before, and are natural wizards at technology. We want the kind of folks that can grasp a program like Final Cut Pro after watching a few how-to videos and a couple of hours of trial and error. Or, faced with the task of creating a website, will google PHP programming, find some open source scripts and at least try to hack something together. When we say resourceful, we mean it. We’re looking for people that really geek out over their projects and make stuff happen.


The Barn is designed to empower people like this. We aren’t going to stick you under a rug doing nothing but grunt work. We are going to put you on teams and give you the chance to do your own projects. In years past, Barn Interns won two Cannes Lions with a project that was featured on major news outlets across the country– and even made Twitter’s ten most remarkable tweets of the year. That type of success continues to be our ambition in this internship program.


This summer session, you will be one of eight interns, split into two teams of four people. These teams will be set two challenges:
1) Responding to a simple creative brief with full access to BBH talent along the way. We’ll give you the funding and support you need to create a kick ass project that will change lives. We’ll also make sure you get the credit for it. We want our program to be a springboard for your career.


2) You will also be working on client business throughout, so it will be a very busy summer. Our goal is to make this an internship like no other in marketing.


It’s more about you than about us. We like having your energy, passion, skills and versatility around the agency and want to make sure you learn from the experience




To apply, you must have eligibility to work in the United States.