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Agathe Guerrier

Head of Strategy >

Head of Strategy

Cheese-loving vegan, morning-hating yogi, Star Wars and Marcel Proust fan girl. Never explain, never apologize.

Al Baez

Finance Director >

Finance Director

"Al you're a man of few words but a lot of numbers. And burpees. A lot of burpees" - Frances Great

Amber Wilson

Office Manager >

Office Manager

Getting ready to go - Amber

Dan Gearing

Business Director >

Business Director

"A good man... and thorough."

Danger Bea

Creative Director >

Creative Director

Danger is my first name

Devin Altman

Copywriter >


Figuring out something to say for this quote is stressing me out.

Emily Rosen

Senior Copywriter >

Senior Copywriter

You don't need a dance floor to start a dance party.

Frances Great

Managing Director >

Managing Director

French born, British Singaporean. Love for the outdoors, big skies, inspirational photography and Al's Tuesday patio bootcamp.

Gabbie Bautista

Senior Designer >

Senior Designer

The scorpio woman is intensely private, discrete and secretive.

Haas Carter

Art Director >

Art Director

I'm confused...I think

Hamish Cameron

Strategy Director >

Strategy Director

Londoner living in LA who's never surfed or had botox (yet).

Jamal Powell

Interactive Developer >

Interactive Developer

"On Hawaiian Time"

Jared White

Associate Creative Director >

Associate Creative Director

"The last thing anyone expects with a name like Jared White is a Korean guy. Diversion 101."

Katie Acosta

Senior Brand Strategist >

Senior Brand Strategist

Aspiring spicy food eater, acoustic track enthusiast, remarkably slow runner, almost amateur novelist. Also, strategist.

Klarika Huszar

Sr. Account Executive >

Sr. Account Executive

Once referred to as "that ice cream girl." Currently taking pictures of every vintage car in Los Angeles.

Lindsey Cummings

Communications Planning Director >

Communications Planning Director

Kylie Minogue, AC/DC, The Wiggles & I all have something in common (& it's not just that we're Australian & great at karaoke). Guess what..

Nima Khalilian

Account Manager >

Account Manager

"I was supposed to be a doctor, my parents still have no clue what I do."

Nolan Rosemond

Producer >


"Man.... You know who would be good at something like this🤔....KANYE."




Swedish guy in Los Angeles working for a British company owned by the French.

Samantha Petherbridge

Account Director >

Account Director

Couldn't think what to write here...

Sarah Baugh

Designer >


“Is this for my Tinder profile?"

Suzy Lambert

Executive Assistant >

Executive Assistant

LDN>LA - Marathons, Food, Cocktails & now apparently Karaoke(?!) - it's a winning strategy

Tom Murphy

Business Development Director >

Business Development Director

Rap enthusiast, BBH-lifer, The Mentalist's ugly younger brother.

Whit Cavanah

Creative Resource Manager >

Creative Resource Manager

In search of a copywriter to insert clever blurb here
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