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Ben Fennell

Chief Executive Officer >

Chief Executive Officer

Radhika Radhakrishnan

Chief Financial Officer >

Chief Financial Officer

Jon Peppiatt

Chairman >


Alison Hoad

Chief Strategy Officer >

Chief Strategy Officer

Ian Heartfield

Chief Creative Officer >

Chief Creative Officer

Karen Martin

Managing Director >

Managing Director

Lilli English

Head of Experience Strategy >

Head of Experience Strategy

Will Lion

Head of New Products >

Head of New Products

Polly McMorrow

Head of Account Management >

Head of Account Management

Ewan Paterson

Founding Partner, BBH Sport >

Founding Partner, BBH Sport

Nick Gill

Creative >


Ben Shaw

Head of Strategy >

Head of Strategy

Warren Moore

Founder, Seven Seconds >

Founder, Seven Seconds

Saskia Jones

Data Strategy Director >

Data Strategy Director

Aran Potkin

Head of Strategy, BBH ZAG >

Head of Strategy, BBH ZAG

Neil Cummings

Creative Director, BBH ZAG >

Creative Director, BBH ZAG

Lawrence Dallaglio

Founding Partner, BBH Sport >

Founding Partner, BBH Sport

Carly Herman

Managing Partner >

Managing Partner

Ross Mawdsley

Creative Director - Brand Experience >

Creative Director - Brand Experience

Ayla Owen

Head of Music >

Head of Music

Nic Manser

New Business Director >

New Business Director

John Harrison

Managing Partner >

Managing Partner