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Patricia Niven, The Gourmand

BBH’s “UP” presents “Insatiable” with The Gourmand

“UP” presents a new exhibition of photography about food and innovative new ways of seeing it, in collaboration with the Gourmand Magazine and a curated selection of photographers.


Premiering BBH’s curated programme of art, music, film and talks “UP”, BBH presents “Insatiable” on Thursday 10th May with a private view and talk by David Lane, Editor in Chief and Co-founder of the award-winning, biannual food and culture journal The Gourmand.

“Insatiable” includes the work of photographers Jess Bonham, Thomas Brown, Tom Johnson, Sofie Middernacht & Maarten Alexander, Robin Broadbent, Jenny van Sommers , Matthieu Lavanchy, Harri Peccinotti, Andy Sewell, Dan Jones, Jonathan Lovekin, Patricia Niven, Tara Fisher, Sara Morris, Colin Campbell and Haarala Hamilton.

The Gourmand is inspired not only by a true passion for food and dining but by the exciting influx of new restaurants, bars, cafes, stalls and ingredients that are increasingly available to us. Born as a means to share this exciting cultural shift and to celebrate food as a catalyst for creativity, the creation of The Gourmand is a testament to the communicative power of food, and its inherent relationship with the arts.

“UP” at BBH is the cultural heart of BBH London and is a highly curated programme of art, music, film, talks and events. The exhibition space and programme is headed up by Stephen Ledger-Lomas (Head of Production) and Anthony Austin (Executive Creative Director). “UP is a place for BBH to demonstrate our passion for art, music, food, technology, sport and film, a place for us to play and collaborate and extend our creative network” says Stephen Ledger-Lomas.

“Insatiable” is part of the curated programme of upcoming exhibitions which will also include solo and group shows throughout the year, alongside production talent showcases in creative technology, photography, film and illustration, director and photographer maker talks, exclusive music showcases, film screenings and collaborations with cultural institutions in London and beyond.

Although the Private View is not open to the public, BBH are offering tours by appointment across the coming weeks.  For more information contact


Main image by Patricia Niven