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BBH London Office


Posted on 2.12.16

The London Office

Based in the heart of Soho, BBH London is a vibrant hub of creativity, where the Black Sheep was first born. Today we are home to over 400 BBHer’s across our different specialisms, all connected by one culture.

There is no ‘one size fits all’ at BBH. We believe in difference. Because it makes a difference. If you surprise people then they’ll sit up. If you speak a different language to everyone else then they’ll listen. If you craft your message with love and originality then that message will land harder. If you give people something useful that makes their lives a little bit better then they’ll thank you. Everything we do is born out of the pursuit of difference. We fill our building with people who are different. We like to work with people who are different.

Our enduring commitment to difference is best embodied by The Black Sheep. It represents our businesses, our culture and the people who work here.


BBH Live is looking for an Editor to help lead on copywriting and content planning for its key accounts. BBH Live is the rapidly growing social media and online content unit of BBH – strategy and creative produced fast and light for digital. We have an exciting opportunity to join the Editorial team and be at the forefront of advertising and marketing for globally famous brands. Within Live, Editorial sits between Strategy and Creative as the team tasked with translating ‘the idea’ into formats, content and assets.


You will be helping to commission a large volume of content across multiple social media channels. Working with our Analytics and Insight team to ensure that all content planned to be published speaks to an audience truth or platform behaviour. You will also need to be able to spot opportunities to be creative with content – repurposing existing assets, connecting with content creation in other channels and connecting nubs of ideas to become new potential campaigns across channels. The majority of content creation will be planned in advance however there is still the opportunity for quick turnaround reactive work – to do this you will need to be able to identify creative opportunities on the fly and execute them brilliantly.


It is your role to oversee all of the content output of our brands, how, when and where it is placed live. You will need an intimate knowledge and experience of how social platforms work, the best practise for them and what content is natural for that audience. You will have to be aware of a large volume of content across multiple channels and so be used to and able to manage multiple work streams efficiently at all times.


You will be a copywriting lead and therefore responsible for ensuring the development and execution of the tone of voice for all brands you work on. You will need cross-platform social media experience and be able to work and write for the long and short term – writing content for a month ahead and the immediate, responding to newsroom stories, opportunities and short turnaround briefs. We aren’t looking for someone who can just write generic brand copy – your strength must be in copywriting and we will require examples from your portfolio.


You will need to develop a clear and decisive opinion on what is on-brand and how the content can work to meet its goals. There are lots of opinions to consider in the agency and with clients. You will need to backup your opinions with data, experience and editorial guidelines. You will be a brand guardian so must be have experience and confidence talking about the qualities and structure of brand behaviour.

Skills/Experience Required

  • 3+ years managing content planning for a client
  • Standout copywriting skill for social spaces
  • Experience of working in and managing a small team of copywriters and content managers
  • Preferred experience of ‘hands on’ community management and/or posting responsibilities
  • Confidence and authority to present to clients and have a firm opinion
  • Ability to present work and planning clearly to the team
  • Collaborative skills to work and create with others
  • Knowledge of how to take a longer term view on content delivery
  • Passion and knowledge or social media channels and publishing