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CRY – Child Rights And You

Vote For Child Rights

Child Rights & You and BBH India have joined hands to spread awareness about the importance of voting for child rights in India as part of CRY’s nationwide campaign ‘Vote for Child Rights’.

CRY works towards sustainable change, by ensuring all children receive their rights. ‘Vote for Child Rights’ campaign aims to get political parties to ensure that child rights is an integral part of their party manifestos. The mission was to make politicians stand up and take notice.

Instead of a simple pledge, BBH India did something unique and created a vote bank. Strength in numbers encourages the audience, and a vote bank in itself is what politicians pay attention to. BBH created a campaign around the childmark, a yellow dot symbolising your vote for child rights. The campaign was driven online and on ground.

The film demonstrates, in the simplest manner, how the yellow childmark and a vote bank can make all the difference. Essential child rights were highlighted including the right to education, nutrition, protection and most importantly, the right to a childhood.