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Nihar Shanti

Change Not Charity

A fast-growing brand, Nihar Shanti Amla was a price warrior operating in the Hindi belt of India. But it was going through an existential crisis as it didn’t have a distinct brand identity and, hence, seemed destined to live under the market leader’s shadow. The brand needed to discover some self-respect and, hence, we decided to move the brand from value-for-money to social change based on some revealing insights we discovered about our audience and their desire and own initiatives for change. But we were about change, not charity. Hence, we made the recipients of change – our audience – the agents and took the characteristic gloom and guilt of charity out and made it an uplifting, charming product + emotional benefit argument. We partnered with CRY and told our audience that from every bottle they bought, 2% revenue would go to children’s education projects. The brand’s premiumness scores doubled, the brand grew by 57% and 20,300 children’s lives were affected in 8 months.