Push Pins

[video src="http://content-origin.bartleboglehegarty.com/global/files/2012/12/BA_Push_Pins.mp4" image="http://content-origin.bartleboglehegarty.com/global/files/2012/12/BA_PushPinssm.jpg"]

The campaign captures the scale of US destinations accessible to passengers flying British Airways from India – en route to the US via London. Award – winning artist Wesley West used over six thousand regular push – pins to create the images, painstakingly choreographing each pin to allow for an arresting 3D effect.

Renowned still life photographer and longtime BBH friend Leon Steele then brought the three six – foot tall images to life – creating movement and depth – to the iconic Statue of Liberty, the San Francisco Golden Gate Bridge and a Rodeo moment.

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