Conviction – London 2012 Paralympics

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JW Conviction Eye
JW Conviction Hand
JW Conviction Leg

Johnnie Walker has launched a supportive tactical campaign to coincide with the London 2012 Paralympics. The campaign comprises a series of digital banners and an online film that demonstrate the power of the progressive spirit, even in the most difficult of situations.

The banner executions appear to be simple, inspirational headlines. On closer inspection however, we realize elements of the Chinese characters are missing, specifically those that denote ‘hand,’ ‘eye’ and ‘foot.’ The film has no visuals, we simply hear the action. It ends with a single super – ‘I can’t see the world, so I will let the world see me.’

The campaign calls on all of us to persevere and explore all the possibilities within our lives. “Everyone’s life has imperfections and hurdles. The Paralympics inspires us to see that we shouldn’t care about what we’re missing, but what we have and what we can still achieve with that. The wholeness of one’s life is determined by the wholeness of one’s inner self. We are very privileged to have this opportunity, using the unique magic of Chinese language, to explain the spirit of Keep Walking.” Said Leo Zhang, Creative Director, BBH China.

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