Silky Kumar (New AXE)

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He may be talent-less, but became an overnight sensation – when BBH launched the men’s deodorant, the New Axe, in India with a ground-breaking campaign starring a fictional Bollywood pop star: Silky Kumar.

Partnering MTV India, Silky first appeared in a cheesy music video entitled ‘Scent of Desire’ and was named ‘Artist of the Month’ . Silky’s popularity grew to an infectious level through a string of MTV interviews, behind the scenes vignettes, a mock-Asian tour, YouTube videos and a MySpace profile.

At the campaign’s end, it is revealed through a breaking news story that Silky stole a Neutron formula – the secret behind his mysterious sex-appeal.

The concept reinforces Axe’s revitalized brand promise that ‘new Axe gets you more than before.

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